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The industry is concentrated around the "tops"
11 Of june 2015

Post-crisis revival of the Russian economy in the first place affected the leading companies, which were able to increase its market share at the expense of well-established access to state contracts and major infrastructure projects.

The leaders of growth in 2010 to become the largest company - they were restored twice faster than the market, increasing their incomes amounted to almost 30%. 

The share of ten largest companies account for 70% of the income of all participants in the top 30 or 312 billion roubles.

The top ten companies in 2010 owns 54% of the Russian market of information technologies, which is approximately 5% more than in 2009. 

Among the ten largest IT companies by the end of 2010 is: "national computer Corporation", SC LANIT, "SITRONICS", SC "Technoserv"KROK, SC R-Style, the group of companies IBS, "envision group", "1C" and "Kaspersky Lab".

The share of the 30 largest companies also increased by a few percentage points and reached 78% of the total market. The cumulative revenue of the 30 largest companies by the end of 2010 reached 447,8 billion rubles.

Among the 30 largest companies got only one company from Novosibirsk (ha CFT) - all other companies are based in Moscow. Thus, geographically, the market of IT services remains for Moscow companies. 

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Ratings of the largest IT companies of Russia: leaders increase the gap
11 Of june 2015

A rating of 30 largest IT-companies of Russia made by the experts of the economic research Center "RIA-analysis", which summed up in 2010 on the Russian market of information technologies.

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